Our research projects focus on all aspects of the IPM tool box, including biological, cultural, physical, and chemical controls. Our research questions are driven by industry needs and priorities. E.S. Cropconsult Ltd. develops and delivers extension materials and services. Research results are often presented at the Lower Mainland Horticulture Growers Short Course at the Abbotsford TRADEX in January.

Recent research projects include:

  • Thrips Info Sheet
  • Damage Mitigation Factsheet
  • Potato Diseases Brochure
  • OSDP Gaps Analysis
  • Pemberton Brochure
  • Testing products for control of clubroot on broccoli
  • Surveying the incidence of late blight on volunteer potatoes
  • Spider mite management with predator mites in strawberries
  • Biological control of the European Chafer in turfgrass
  • Evaluating need for control of aphids and lygus on strawberries
  • Evaluating kelp for yield enhancement in green beans
  • Surveying new insects in potatoes
  • Testing organic fertilizers on blueberries
  • Developing organic IPM for cranberries
  • Evaluating the effect of a bee boost pheromone on honeybee activity
  • Evaluating row covers for control of cabbage maggots and carrot rust flies
  • Distributing weekly IPM newsletters for blueberry and potato growers